About Us

For more than 30 years, MSE Drilling has steadily grown to become the largest ground engineering contractor in Québec specialising in micro-piling, drilling and grouting, rock anchors and soil nails. Always striving to develop innovative technics and methods, we have earned an enviable reputation for quality work and customer service.

With our new division — ICANDA Corporation — specialising in deep foundation work, we can now proudly offer our customers the most comprehensive range of ground engineering solutions of the industry under the same group.

With specialists in three locations in Québec and Ontario, we are able to provide all of our customers with the most efficient, reliable and viable ground stabilisation solution — regardless of project size or location. 

Health & Safety

Although we operate in an industry presenting many challenges in terms of safety, we are fully committed to the promotion of best practices in health and safety to ensure that each member of our company is working in a safe environment and can return home without injury.


Aware that the nature of our operations may have an impact on the environment, we work closely with our employees and suppliers to develop strategies and implement programs to minimize this impact. These strategies include reducing oil and fuel consumption, using more recycled and recyclable products, exercising better waste management, and reducing travel.

Our goal is to be an eco-concerned citizen and to play an active role in protecting the environment for our future generations.